• Debbie Deane

More new CD thoughts

I bumped into my high school theater teacher Hal Wicke at my Packer reunion last weekend and he reminded me how he is only interested in the ‘process’ of creating any kind of art.  And how we must document that process. In this new era, everything is instant gratification and I find it intimidating.  I will admit it frustrates me that it will take me at least 2 years to get this project done. But my first 2 CDs took the same amount of time—why should this be any different. The pace of the world is flying. We stream shows in a weekend. Shows that took years to make. My teacher Mr. Wicke’s words came at the right time, hence my offering of words here. I have to accept my own timeline as hard as that is.  Our encounter was also a reminder to thank my teachers for their guidance. Thank you teachers.


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