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Debbie Deane’s soul-searching set of new songs on Red Ruby Stars straddles the boundaries between modern folk, sophisticated pop and funky groove music.–Scott Yanow, Jazz and Blues journalist

Debbie Deane is all heart, soul and earth, with no pretense.—Adrian Harpham, producer (Henry Butler, Raphael Saadiq)

Greetings! I am pleased to announce my new album of 12 original songs , Red Ruby Stars, released by ModernIcon/Ropeadope Records.


Debbie Deane-Vocals/Piano/Wurlitzer/Rhodes/Organ/Acoustic Guitar

Christopher Thomas-Electric Bass

Brian Blade-Drums


With Special Guests:

Guitars-Tom Guarna, Marvin Sewell, Robin Macatangay, Chris Bruce, Jeff Lockhart

Horns-Donny McCaslin, Steven Bernstein, Erik Lawrence, Clark Gayton, Barry Danielian

Strings-Dave Eggar, Jonathan Dinklage

Percussion-Alex Alexander, Adrian Harpham

B-3 organ-Bruce Flowers

Engineered by Rich Lamb. Produced by Adrian Harpham. Mastered by Greg Calbi. 

Red Ruby Stars NOW AVAILABLE!!

Would LOVE for you to hear it. I want to go straight to your heart.

Here is the Bandcamp link where you can get vinyl, CDs and streaming: when you buy vinyl and/or CD on Bandcamp you receive a full download of the album as well.


Here is the link for Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music & Pandora to name a few:

Thank you for supporting original music!
With much love and gratitude,



Checkout my new video from my new Album!!

Debbie Deane

"With Red Ruby Stars, Debbie Deane has created a literate, musically sophisticated album that’s in the best pianist-singer-songwriter tradition."

-George Graham, Senior Producer and Host, WVIA


“Check out this modern songstress who joins such artists as Joni Mitchell in the realm of modern, progressive songwriting” 
-David Dorkin, Fuse Magazine



<< Ruby Red Stars

Modern Icon/Ropeadope Records release 'Red Ruby Stars', Debbie Deane’s much anticipated third album,

is a meditation on longing, heart-break, anger, guilt, recovery and forgiveness. In 12 songs that fuse Debbie’s soulful and sophisticated  jazz harmonies with intimate, autobiographical songwriting, Debbie writes unflinchingly about the break-up of a marriage, her ex's addiction and passing, the loss of a loved one on 9/11, the need for prayer and forgiveness, and letting go. On Red Ruby Stars, Debbie sings--sometimes with gospel power, sometimes in a sensuous funk groove—-of emotional survival as she declares her intention to be happy, to love, and to thrive.

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Debbie Deane hails from a musical world without boundaries, where singer-songwriters and top-tier jazz musicians breathe the same creative air. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Debbie grew up listening to Carole King, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, and Steely Dan. As a teenager she explored the fertile ground of the Great American Songbook. Introduced to folk, funk and fusion by her older brother, she studied the great divas of the jazz and pop worlds developing an intense interest in jazz harmony. Music was the ultimate refuge.


After earning a degree in English Literature from Harvard, Debbie embarked on a career in music. She studied jazz intensively at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, honing the piano skills that she continues to display as a singer-songwriter. At first her songwriting and singing came as an afterthought, but then took center stage.


In her performing and recording life, Debbie had the good fortune to work with  acclaimed jazz musicians who share her interest in quality songwriting — people like drummer Brian Blade and the late, great bass player Jeff Andrews.  Moving back to Brooklyn, she lived in a “jazz den” with some of the city’s most promising jazz musicians, including saxophonists Seamus Blake and Terry Deane, drummer Marc Miralta and pianists John Stetch and George Colligan. “Everyone came through our place,” says Debbie. “The people I’ve played with, they’re all my friends and they’ve known me, they’ve been my roommates and people I went to school with.” Their presence on Debbie’s recordings and at her live shows is a powerful endorsement.


Debbie continues to gig extensively in New York and beyond.

Jazz Musician
Musician / Songstress Brooklyn
Music Composer
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Musician / Songstress Brooklyn


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