Below is an random assortment of nice links. Without the involvement of many of the people below, none of this would be possible. Simply click on any of the links below to view their sites. Enjoy!

Musicians who appear on Debbie's CD
Jeff Andrews
Rodney Holmes
Wayne Krantz
Pete Levin
Joshua Redman

Musical Friends of Debbie
Ariel Aparacio
Joe Bahgat
Carl Carter
Johannes Enders
Matthew Garrison
Ruth Hammond
Adrian Harpham
Courtney Kaiser
Joe Locke
Elie Massias
Jamie Moore
Tom Paul
John Pollard
Christian Salfellner
Julia Schell
Sarah Siskind
Various Links / Influences
Brooklyn Above Ground
Drudge Report
EFA Medien
Joni Mitchell
Meshell Ndegeocello

My friend Val makes beautiful handbags

My hunky cousin who is a great actor
Our Great Web Designer
Drew Dallet - Boom Creative